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Doc 025_Our Orthopedic Medicine Physicians specialize in non-operative treatments for many musculoskeletal conditions. We treat athletes of all types and skill levels. Whether you are a professional athlete or participate in recreational exercise, our physicians strive provide advanced, evidence-based care utilizing the latest tools and resources. We keep your physical fitness goals in mind as we form your customized treatment regimen designed to help you be your best.

At Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, we go above and beyond diagnosis and treatment. We educate our patients on the nature of their problems, biomechanics, risk factors, and treatment strategies. We feel that when a patient understands their condition, treatment options, and why their problem developed, he/she is more engaged in their care. We take the time to explain why we have made a specific diagnosis and listen and answer your questions and concerns. We advocate for non-operative approaches for many conditions but do not withhold surgery if we think this would benefit you the most.

We take our skills outside the office. Our doctors are active in the community providing medical coverage for sporting events, marathons, the Special Olympics, and serve as team physicians for high schools, colleges, and a university. Whether in the training room, locker room, or examination room, we strive to provide the highest level of care. We are called on to provide first aid, advanced life support, concussion care, spinal stabilization, acute fracture and dislocation management. Additionally our physicians have served on medical boards for mass participation events and have successfully developed and executed care plans for thousands of participants. Please see our school affiliations below.

As part of our focus on education, we have provided access to educational materials for many orthopedic conditions. Please click on the links below to discover some of the various injuries and conditions we treat.

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